Handpicked. Lovely. Humans.


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Shefali, Artist

Award winning Artist

"For me it was a great way to escape and step into a different world. "

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Aditya, Crypto Influencer

Started 3 Tech Companies

"I understand "interesting conversations" after attending BHX."


Alifia, Entrepreneur

Founder of Colombo Design Market

"BHX gave me a space to open up and speak about things that matter to me."

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Jordan, Happiness Director

Started the world's first TedX in a Prison

"Each day challenged new parts of my mind to think deeper and heart to connect stronger."

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Tanmay, Filmmaker

Limca Book of World Records

"It was like finding people who intimidate (read inspire) you, and going on a fucking holiday with them."

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Raja, Music Producer

Founder of Trifecta Records

"It was Networking on Steroids, getting to know inspiring people and learning from them."

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Saurabh, Editor

Ex MTV Roadies, Vice India

"Spaces like these allow you to be moved professionaly & personally."


Sristi, Fashion Blogger

Writer & Founder of Store Untold

“There is something that I have learnt from everybody, in every conversation.”

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Amit, Fashion Entrepreneur

Founder of Six Degree

"Amazed by the number of collaborations I have done after BHX."