Beachhouse Project is inclined towards creating an eclectic community of diverse thinkers, entrepreneurs and professionals who can learn from each other, collaborate and conspire to create new things while growing personally and professionally. From the residents that are invited to the challenges that are picked up and the space we stay at during the week - everything changes every edition. Every edition of Beachhouse Project is special and unique in its own way.

Every session at BHX is intricately designed and facilitated to enable sharing of ideas, learning from each other's experiences, indulging in epiphanies and growing ideas / businesses.

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The curation at Beachhouse Project brings individuals with diverse experiences, work profiles, folks who have made things happen & from across geographies - which means limitless potential and learnings to be explored.

The Hack Sessions allows individuals to learn from each other's mistakes, learnings and crystallised experiences that is either a shortcut to make things happen, a trick of their trade or a way to save time/money/energy/resources.

+ Get Access to 70+ hacks during your week at BHX

+ Hackbook Project: No matter which edition you attend, residents also get access to the hackbook that contains hacks shared during other editions of BHX in the past or will be shared in future future


Every edition of the Beachhouse Project picks up a challenge relevant to the society, the culture or the space we are visiting to positively contribute to local communities while exploring interesting perspectives and collaborating with each other.

Imagine working with the Coconut Pluckers in Goa or Finding ways to improve the experience of World's second longest Art Festival - BHX in the past has picked up unique challenges that allow the residents to share ideas, work on strategies and learn from each other.

+ Learn the principles of Design Thinking and how to use it in your own business to create innovation in business models, customer experience and more.

+ Learn from each other's perspectives through Brainstorms, Immersions & Idea Sprints

+ Contribute positively to someone else's idea, or a pressing challenge of a community

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Creative Entrepreneurs are always solving some or the other challenge that is unique to their business and might/might not have a solution readily available in books or with mentors.

BHX is the perfect place to bring your most pressing, annoying or interesting challenge and put it in front of 14 diverse creative minds to let them crack it open.

+ Indulge in epiphanies while your co-residents offer their diverse perspectives to you

+ Find solutions that are inspired by other people's hacks, insights & processes

+ Find Validation for your ideas, on your next steps or your dream project


Apart from the business/growth oriented sessions at BHX, we love creating creative sessions that can inspire one to think differently - so expect anything from unexpected Music Jams, Laughter Yoga, Jam Making to deep reflection sessions and cardio on the Beach!

After all, Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas.

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