BHX Unplugged with Vekutholu Vero | Stepping out of my Comfort Zone at BHX Mountains

Events like the BHX Project were never my thing. The quintessential ISFP type wouldn’t  allow me to be part of one. The idea of Kashmir did sound appealing though. I imagined myself putting on a sweater and going for a walk, admiring the change of scenery, boat rides in Dal lake, immersing myself with the crowd. But, I envisioned partaking in these activities for the most part, alone! 

Put me in a social setting, I’m that person hearing every word that comes out of you but let her speak? she’s better off doing the listening bit! 

The period between having my application  accepted to the last minute flight bookings was for me, a self-examining phase. In short, chaotic! 

Common everyday creative questions ranged from
“Would I fit in?”
“Will my work be relevant to anyone at all?”
“What do I tell these humans with intimidating resumes, what could they possibly learn from me?”
“What hacks do I know that no one else knows yet?”
“What is my life’s purpose? What drives me? how did I get here..why am I here..why do I do what I do..” you get the picture. 

But again, why not BHX? How about a travel itinerary that besides suiting your wanderlust ideals, also promises you a fresh start, ideas and perspectives and furthermore, extensively invites you to meet a whole lot of others experiencing the same “creative life” as you?

Yeah, definitely a good bargain. It could work. It must. Should!

Kashmir would then go on to become the kind of place when, as you recollect, you got to let out a sigh. A happy sigh? A longing sigh? A painful sigh? Or nostalgia perhaps! 

Kashmir would then go on to become a place that brings soothing feelings.
The feeling of being fooled by nature. The feeling of being adored by strangers.
The feeling of being more self aware. 
Of  being OK to be shy or vulnerable even. 
Of being OK to be just you and thriving at it! 

Kashmir would then go on to become the place where you realise the things you thought were wrong with you could actually be your assets. That you don’t have to be anyone else but you, you-authentic, you-genuine! 

And how did all this come? 

With a subtle switch in position for perspective's sake and a little bit getting out of your comfort zone.