The Hack Room with Nikitha Satish | 5 ways to reduce your wardrobe and create your own Fashion Statement


Fashion is a way of individual expression. For some it maybe glamour, for some comfort and for some a mode of communication. We hardly think of pollution when fashion comes into mind. The reality is that fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry next to oil. For every garment we are making, we are depleting natural resources. The energy, water and resources used from growing the fiber itself to carbon footprint of the malls it sells in. Sustainability is not just an ‘indie’ movement but the need of the hour. Every small step counts. We can a difference by just being conscious about our actions.

1.      Count the mount – We all tend to believe that we roughly know the number of clothes we own. But do we really the number? Count the number of clothes and accessories you own including footwear. It will give you an idea as to how much we already have. Next time you go shopping, we’ll know not to pick up another black top.

2.      Swap & Share – We all have friends whose wardrobe we envy, love the pieces they own and in most cases, wish to steal. We all have that bundle of clothes which are a size too small or was an impulse buy which we now regret. Why not swap with friends or look out for a fashion swap event near you? It is the most sustainable way to refresh your wardrobe and also try new styles!

3.      Mend & Love – A small stain or a tear in our favorite outfit can cause a heartbreak. Let’s mend it instead of discarding. Mend it with an unconventional patch or embroidery. It adds a unique touch. Make your outfit uniquely yours.

4.      Mindful shopping – Shopping is a great therapy for most of us. But mindful shopping keeps us happy on a longer term. Knowing that you spent your time and money on something you truly love and cherish. Another hack to mindful shopping is consciously checking if you will wear that piece of clothing at least 30 times in its lifetime.

5.      Shop Local – Ditch the mall for a flea market or a local fair. Buy from the artists, listen to their stories. Buy handmade, support the crafts. When included in your wardrobe, it becomes a conversation piece.