BHX Unplugged with Abbhinav Kastura | An episodic journey of a story-teller at BHX

Being a storyteller, I thought I should write an article in the same fashion. Using story structure to break down my thoughts. 

Title: Moves like Zagger

Episode 1: Theme of the Story, Opening Act and Antagonist Entry

What is a Zagger? Who is a Zagger? 
Well, in advertising we have a gospel truth of sorts. Summarised in this wonderful quote
"When the world zigs, zag" - Barbara Noakes

The scholarly version of this is called the The Von Restorff effect.
Meaning that "Items that stand out from their peers are more memorable".

But where do you find these Zaggers? Am I a Zagger? Am I like the Rest? Or Am I Von Restorff?
That was the dilemma... 

Episode 2:  Hero's Inner World 

There is a credo of sorts in Japan's efficient work culture. "Packer and Picker"
Let a Packer be the most efficient only in packing
Let a Picker be the most efficient only in picking
but a packer should never pick and a picker should never pack.  

As a Producer, my job is to assemble teams of various skills and create an environment where everybody delivers their best and it directly reflects on the quality of the product. I get to employ pickers and packers to execute the creative vision. This, I still consider my job. It is my duty and the expectation to become a successful producer. 

But I never saw the potential or opportunity to apply it to my own life. 

Episode 3: Inciting Incident & Internal Debate

Now consider what is happening around the world. There is rise in the "collaborative economy" or sharing economy. This has led to creatives of various fields huddling together and starting a "creative collective". 
E.g, Hyper Collective by KV Sridhar 

Experts of various fields are reaching out across their boundaries to collaborate and create new things. 
E.g., Origami artist who designs Nike Shoes

If this can be applied to people, what would happen? Where will you find the people who stand out from the norm? Where will be find people who are different from the rest?

So one fine day, I decided to reach across my own zone and see what's out there. 

Episode 4: External Forces and Decision to Act

 It was a really difficult time both personally and professionally. I wanted to take some time off and get more clarity about everything that was making my brain mushy. SO I started looking out for workshops or just places to go on a vacation. That's when I stumbled onto BHX. 

Episode 5: Growth and Montage

The pickers, packers, zaggers and ziggers from every walk of life in one beach house with an open mind for collaboration. 

I saw so much potential in these people and could organically see so many opportunities. 

I met a Bio-mimicry expert with whom I could discuss how Animal Hunting Strategies could be used as reference to find new customers or as a planning tool for social media campaigns

In my normal life I wouldn't have had the time or opportunity to meet such a person and have such conversations. 

Episode 6: Back on Track and Moment of Truth

You Listen. You UN-Learn. You contribute. You implement. You Learn. You Teach. You wonder. You Drink. You Party. You don't sleep. You wake up at 6 a.m. and listen to intense Tamil Music. 

Episode 7: Aftermath

BHX introduced me to a Zaggers. All under One Roof. 

Episode 8: Closing Image

(Paraphrasing the lyrics of Moves like Jagger)

Take me by the tongue and I'll know you - Have conversations with everyone there
Miss me 'til I'm drunk and I'll show you all the moves like Zagger - Have fun, get hammered, that's the key to step out of your comfort zone

I've got the moves like Zagger
I've got the moves like Zagger


Team BHX