Need for Speed : Creativity, Challenges and Experiential Residencies


"For many years, people believed that entrepreneurship and creative success were innate and were thus impossible to measure. As statistical analysis has progressed, the inaccuracy of this old world-view becomes much more clear. At the Founder Institute, we enlisted some of the world’s top social scientists to create a system of quantitative analysis, measuring entrepreneurial potential. We determined that entrepreneurship requires a very unique skill set, and this skill set can be identified by a standardized test. The first test was created in 2009, and it has since been amended and updated several times."


BHX brings together creatives to sweep past their boundaries and enhance their existing faculties to acquire new and fresh perspectives and push them forward together by virtue of collaborations and combinatory play. At the juncture of entrepreneurship and creative success, BHX cushions a creative’s need to network, converse and collective brainstorming.

As artists and creatives, we are driven more by our heart. Money is supplanted by energy to create and we endeavor to accomplish perfection with each venture we get the opportunity to take a shot at. There are some challenges that we as craftsmen, designers and creators confront while interfacing with clients, partners even our own colleagues :-

Interpreting Someone's Requirements — That's what our essential job stands to be! A ton of creators have a dream for the project that they wish to execute for their customers. Tuning in to the customer's prerequisites is key to the undertaking. Design must be an extremely figured approach instead of a burst of innovativeness that is ill-structured.

Designing Practically — Us as creatives have an inquisitive inclination to fabricate something interesting & visually convincing and we want to explore different avenues regarding conceptual formats and plans. While excellent, your plans must be useful and should mean to impart your customer's message to their intended interest group.

Creating for Clients — As creatives, we have a tendency to create for ourselves. We ought to adjust our innovativeness to coordinate the objectives of the brand/person.

Your brain needs downtime to stay inventive and produce its most imaginative thoughts. Taking consistent breaks from mental errands enhances innovativeness and skipping these breaks can prompt pressure, depletion, and imaginative block.



The Need for Experiential residencies..

At BHX, we strive to break free from the everyday linear grind. Prolonged attention to a single task actually hinders performance. The thoughts you have while driving, or in the shower are not adventitious. They're an aftereffect of you making a stride back, regardless of whether you're mindful of it or not. The brain is molded to recognize and react to change. We have a tendency to produce repetitive thoughts when we don't take normal breaks. Your brain needs a break to stay innovative and create better thoughts. It only generates better ideas and lubricates the creative process. Envision seven days filled with trading thoughts with handpicked Creatives you have never met, venturing outside your range of familiarity and soaking inspiration in locations that will make you look twice. It’s a no-guilt-brain vacay for the ones who never want to lose out on anything!


Team BHX