Siren Call : The Community You Need In Your Life

Zero Hour with The Chief Happiness Officer at BHX about a week with The Tribe culminating into profound, invigorating symmetry of ideas ,hacks and a paradoxical sharing of anecdotes.



A day in the life of a creative at BHX comes around with a string of tell-tales. Meet Tanya! Tanya might have been on to something when she pens down," You may reach quicker alone but if you want to go far, you will need to go together." The Chief Happiness Officer and living absolutely up to her name, Tanya took a few minutes to articulate her experience at BHX and her understanding of the need for community to rethink encouragement, creative journeys and conversations in a new way - to seize and embrace it. She shares a snippet she holds imprinted in the light of creative growth and stimulation as she turns on newer leaves in life. Here's what we got out hands on right after :


30th January 2018


We humans, have an innate need to belong; to people, to place, to purpose. It is how we have survived our years on Earth and it is the same need social networking sites are now selling to us. Communities are the wheels that drive our world forward, with the purpose of bringing people together to solve challenges and accomplish greater things.

BeachHouse is a community of magical proportions. It is home to creative vanguard and movement makers of today. An undefeatable army of heroes! Having been a member of the tribe, it is now that I realize its impact and power on my own world. A community that of BHX is one that collectively wants to grow together and create a better world, rethink human connection and inspire action.

In a week of “soul-stirring-heart-warming-brain-scratching” conversations and collaborations, the community made me rethink my whys and helped me redesigned my hows and pushed me to explore newer whats. They made me burn my limitations (literally) and reframe my definition of self and success. A clan of people who will never stop believing. There are countless ways in which I experienced the power, effect and even magic of interconnectedness throughout our week.

 For me the community stands special because it’s made of beautiful stories and uniqueness of people. People who are there in abundance and happiness, ready to break out of comfort zone, deconstruct and then reconstruct themselves. Each activity ignites a different intelligence and each interaction leads to unexpected learning(s). It feels like home! 

 What can I do with what I have and where do I go from here? What did it mean to be driven by something deep within you that until now you didn’t have the tools to fully understand, or even articulate? How can all that we had learned impact our futures as aspiring change agents and creative entrepreneurs? These were the questions dancing around in my head before...and I found my answers.

 Perhaps the single encompassing insight, is that you are the community you belong to. You may reach quicker alone but if you want to go far, you will need to go together.

And I am happiest walking with this magical community here at BeachHouse.




A proper community, we should remember also, is a commonwealth: a place, a resource, an economy. It answers the needs, practical as well as social and spiritual, of its members — among them the need to need one another. In distracting bursts of creativity and inspiration, the Tribe here at BHX carries you through the spiral.  For in attesting identities as individuals and exchanging insight we can corroborate our capacity as self-directing agents. We affirm our ability to live a life geared towards our own twilight zones - to be tossed and turned in a creative syrup- (of course it's an acquired taste)!


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