Conversation : Ranjani Iyengar on her strife with BHX

BHX campaigns for a new-age perception of travel - it’s travel motivated and defined by a shift in perspective, self-reflection and development, and a deeper communion with nature and culture. This piece shares dialogues and anecdotes from #BHXGoa and celebrates the impressions of the journey on the people who undertook it.


Ranjani comes as a warm ray of sunshine as we ring her up quick - a Wedding Entrepreneur and Carnatic Musician to share her experiences from BHX4.0.  From being a software engineer to working in marketing, the ever-fascinating Ranjani found herself at the brink of her creative passion through her company - Pink Whistle Man! Juggling between her day job, a music band and designing, she has managed to evolve her company from a fully functional business to an award winning brand. Her focus is to make Pink Whistle Man a one stop solution for all customizable stationery needs for any occasion. Not only does she inculcate variegated options into her work, it's the sense of environmental consciousness that strikes a deep chord with us.

While her welcome and warmth comes as no surprise, even a telephonic conversation with Ranjani paints a colorful picture. We sat down and discussed the nitty-gritty's that goes in the machinery of her work and her constant drive to incorporate a range of emotions and options in the work that she puts out. While each product is creatively challenging and different, Ranjani ensures her products come with a distinct zing that render them timeless.

Here's what we found out-

1. What were your expectations for BHX and how did it unfold?

BHX was the "at ease" moment for me. I was essentially aiming to acquire a sense of social renovation in my life- interacting with curated social groups was a refreshing change. I also felt that at a point, I was trying to put the fear of communicating with people behind me. It was definitely a step forward with my expectations from BHX in the sense that by the end of it, I was , for the lack of a better word, not a socially awkward person anymore. While that worked in favor for me, BHX also pushed my boundaries further in terms of ample inspiration and perspectives - it championed my cause thoroughly!

2.  Indulge us in two good things that took you by surprise at BHXGoa.

My idea of good and surprising elements during BHX were sufficiently wrapped up in the conversations I had and the discussions that I witnessed. I recall this one conversation with Jay in particular - we were on our way to get lunch and got talking. Jay indulged me in nuanced specifications about the product I was offering, the platform, the working apparatus and various other miscellaneous gimmicks. His insights were unusual and spot-on from where I stood. This reminds me of this other time with Jay again, by the pool where he reiterated about the constant demand and supply dynamic in a product specific business. Lots of new ideas sprung up in course of our chat, we discussed models and strategies- like employing designers and more artists on a commission basis to overcome the demand-supply irregularities. I hold these conversations close in terms of their practicality and obviously how much the lessons add to my current undertaking and flow of work!

3.   Talk to us about what you do and what drives your work.

It has always been a slippery rope in identifying where exactly does a product-based service fall under the vast umbrella of designing. There are elements to play with- while keeping in mind the personal association the client might forge with the product over-time. It's important to stress on the keepsake value of the product and articulate how to also add a taste of the client's personality to it. While designing invitations, especially, this fragile yet significant sense of design becomes more evidently crucial. Our offerings also try to imbibe ecological consciousness and the products we deliver are not one dimensional, thus. This could be to say we do not stop at aesthetics, we render our designs to be lively and instrumental to the people it matters the most! Fusing functionality also goes on to transform the concept of an invitation and extends it as a gesture that counts. Leaving that mark behind in newer and creative ways adds meaning to the work we deliver- integrating that with personal quirks and eccentric composition - you have a design that's authentically yours. Off late we have been delving deep into experimental boxes - grunge boxes, botanical invites where seeds accompany the invite and can be sown to commemorate symbolic events , autumn boxes seasoned perfectly with old leaves and potpourri. Our aim remains the same - to create products that reflect our values of functionality, creative innovation and serves as a life-long memento!

4.  What are any significant insights about you and your work that you've taken from BHX?

The setting in itself is advantageous to mull over where you are coming from and where you want to go in the future. The seven days, least a buffer than it is an illustrative halt to ponder upon the changes you want to make and infuse your learning. It's like a silent trade-off, a silent, unconventional trade-off of perspectives and tried and tested knowledge that's utterly fruitful! I found myself forming associations that I still interact with, the people who inspire with their phenomenal understanding of the work they are involved in. Shakti and Tanmay, specially, Shakti with his phenomenal sense of branding, he breathes his brand - I deeply hold in awe how Tanmay projects his visual sentiments with a complete hold on the narrative- it's like staying absolutely in the present moment. This immersive experience, the end product of his story-telling has personally streamlined my vision and flow of exercise to remain where I hold power to affect its course. Everything Tanmay visualizes is like a fluid movie, so strong and so controlled, like all of us play character projections . These interactions have struck a chord with me and I happily carried them back home with me; I obviously don’t need to reiterate the many ways in which they've proved to be assistive and applicable!

Ranjani's story stands illustrative to our belief here at BHX : to foster an unconventional quest of networking and facilitate a diverse exchange of perspectives and inspirations from all involved. BHX becomes the vantage point of newer frame of reference and approach to craft their decisions and the process more often than not, becomes a token of memory of a transformative experience. Prioritise value - are you ready to confront the change? 


(This interview has been edited and condensed)

Team BHX