#BHXResidentNotes : Uniting the Ununitable

The BeachHouse Project brings together creative entrepreneurs from different walks of life and acts as a facilitator between them to help them meet, connect, learn, exchange and grow with each other. And it’s crazy how everyone finds common friends within the group.

This time when we hosted our entrepreneurs at Shillong, we witnessed multiple connections being formed over the space of seven days. A restaurant owner from Ahmedabad found friends in Bangalore, a 23-year- old DJ from Shillong found friends with individuals from Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad.

There are plenty of platforms that allow you to build connections in the space that you are in – for example, Linkedin/Facebook which allows you to connect with similar people and each of those friends have a number of similar people in their social clout. But will you ever tap your network’s network and go out to seek people you have nothing in common with or have no work with?

Nope. Never.

Shuchita our resident at BHX Shillong says, “If I hadn’t signed up for BHX and come to a remote location, been almost stranded with a bunch of 18 other people I have nothing in common with, with the ONLY purpose of having to talk to them and dig their lives out of them, I would not in a million years talk to these people…even if they were a part of my immediate network (which clearly some of them really are).”


BHX is the sole platform that allows you to dig deeper into the lives of designers, artists, multipotentialists, photographers, entrepreneurs, experience designers, educationalists, urban planners, lawyers and other brilliant minds. In the current format of BHX, you are sure to find people with their guards down & zero inhibitions, ready and open to sharing their lives with absolutely no need to glorify their lives.

Shuchita adds, “An average person probably meets 1 or 2 new people every year and then nurtures that relation for a minimum of one or two years before they become ‘better friends’ and gets to peek deeper into each others lives. Another couple of years pass by before enough trust is built and one starts sharing life instances and starts ‘learning’ from or ‘inspiring each other’.

Imagine, all of this being reduced to 7 days, imagine meeting 18 YEARS worth of people and getting 18 x 4 years worth of learnings in 7 DAYS. How insane is that! How impossible is that via ANY other platform except BHX! This is the only place or platform where one can imagine anyone opening up so much so soon. “

The one thing that we have nailed at the Beach House Project us intelligent ‘selection’ of people is and that alone stands as a testimony to our success over the past three projects.

Shuchita Pandey