It’s not a break from work, it’s working with Sunglasses on!

The idea of working in Goa has always been a dream. Mine turned into a reality when I was invited to be a part of the Beachhouse Project.

In conversation with Mark, an Algorithm Designer with Audi who moved to Goa after his energy startup got acquired in UK.

In conversation with Mark, an Algorithm Designer with Audi who moved to Goa after his energy startup got acquired in UK.

The idea was to vacation in a beautiful villa with inspiring people to tackle a social challenge. It seemed like an excellent way to breakaway from the constant hustle of city life, but BHX was so much more than just a holiday.

We were 14 new age entrepreneurs, put together in one of the most iconic villas of Goa - The House of Haywards 5000, with a single objective - to solve the Coconut Plucker Challenge.

Right from the airport pick up, the team created an amenable environment for everyone to have open discussions about everything.

The house was a great mix of people right from AI to design and growth hacking. There were travellers, ted speakers, investors, writers, some straight-outta-valley people and also a few multitaskers with a day and a night job.

The first two days, were about rekindling our creative minds and creating a safe atmosphere to have conversations. As entrepreneurs, we are constantly obsessing about our work, our ideas, our perception of the world, but these brainstorms gave me an insight on how differently the world works and its problems are perceived.

BHX for me was about creating real connections and having deeper conversations about work, life and the world. It challenged my mindset and opened me to numerous opportunities out there. This experience led me to take bold steps that I wouldn’t have taken and build bonds with people I’d never meet. Each day there was something to learn from, someone to get inspired by. If I had to summarize it in a couple of words I’d say - It’s celebration of ideas which breaks the monotony of #startuplife.

About the Author :

Tanya pursued her bachelor's in Artificial Intelligence and Economics but finds cognitive science more amusing. Currently she is work on creating learning experiences for school students, to help them develop & discover potential within themselves. A sucker for stories and science, she believes in exploring what’s out there & if given a choice, she would spend her rest of the life traveling & collecting stories.

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