Tryst with #BHXGoa : In Conversation with Priyanka Nagarajan

(This segment explores conversations and anecdotes from BHXGoa, 2017 straight from the hearts of the hustlers who made it happen)


" I had previously only been virtually connected to my team and now I was going to Goa with them! "

Priyanka shares her observations with no hidden enthusiasm. Having been a part of Experience Co. for four years now, the primero attended it's project – BeachHouse Project, Goa for the very first time. What follows is the thrilling account of seven days' worth of madness!



Priyanka begins on a modest note:  “Goa is a striking place to be. More so is the appreciation of the people you are finally meeting and traveling with. My experience as a first-timer explains the constant expression of amusement that wouldn’t leave my face. Getting to meet Jay after having known him for so long plus the thrill of cruising around Goa with complete strangers kept me busy even before the trip began.”

Sure it is- Goa's charm and synergetic company. Killer! Priyanka recalls an anecdote, " Jay was exactly how I pictured him to be. You see this warm, considerate, bustling with creative energy kind of human- it just shows on his face!"

Did Goa welcome you all pleasant? 

Through getting stranded to reaching the property, a massive adventure followed us on. I mean- what are the odd chances of getting acquainted with the Revenue Manager of a hotel close to the property who invited all of us over for a meal at the hotel on hearing about BHX.  Gratifying, in the least.


Talking about Kosher stuff, Priyanka continues - A homely, snug feel welcomed us at the property. The staff was courteous- on their feet- trying to ensure our comfort and ease. Good hospitality definitely sent us over the moon; a new place didn’t feel new anymore. The welcome on reaching " Vivanda " has stayed with me all the way back home. Soon we were on our bikes and on the move, chalking a treasure hunt that was scheduled for later in the trip. We wanted Goa Chitra Museum for the final leg of the hunt however, we decided against it but the Museum glued on to me instantly.

Fascinating! Tell us a little more.

Victor Hugo was definitely our man of the moment. Curator at the museum, Victor is one of the brilliant conservators who are tirelessly working to preserve the roots of all we hold close- a sense of time to transfer down to our successors. More than an interesting person to talk to, Victor was a keen communicator - we ended up talking about all sorts of things under the umbrella - the importance of collaborations, sharing interests and exchanging ideas. Getting to engage in conversations that explore possibilities is deeply fulfilling and being able to share a space filled with such conversations and acquaintances to get us going is nothing short of delightful.

Going back to the property, what's cooking?

The property was mighty relaxing. It was ideally balanced between work and play, with participants striving to close the loops on the tasks at hand. We met Charlotte, the host, and what I witnessed was an episode of blithe- she swayed us away with her charm and humility. It felt like a happy reunion! What peaked my observation was her constant initiative and interest- going through individual profiles and projects. The investment shows, the intent is clear. Her understanding provided space for effortless and more comprehensive conversations. That's just Day Zero- a complete ball of surprise.  

 Seven days flew by quick and I feel it's important to stress on what conversations could enable. A different set of people entered the house with their guards up, inhibited and unsure of what to expect. The walls eventually gave way to diabolic collaborations and the transition was evident. You come as someone with perspectives of their own - BHX mixer-grinds your understanding with experiences - opening up  to a broader sense of learning and celebrating!

Anything distinct you carry on from BHX?

The fact that there are so many little moments that consist a person as a whole- actions, words-  things that put a smile on someone's face. Grand gestures are futile, you hold immense power to be someone else's light. BHX has been a thorough lore - to be open to new people, learn about their stories - there's some learning from everything. Observe- Connect- keep the conversation going!

Team BHX