Tryst with #BHXGoa : In Conversation with Jaytirth Ahya

(This segment explores conversations and anecdotes from BHXGoa, 2017 straight from the hearts of the hustlers who made it happen)



" It’s mind-blowing - when you look back and see how far the brainchild has traveled. "

In the past 365 days, BHXhas evolved beyond imagination. The aim however, remains the same - to explore perspectives and solve challenges. BHX creates spaces for entrepreneurs to disconnect and lay back while reflecting upon changing perspectives, challenging the known , exchanging inspiration and most essentially learning from each others’ successes and failures.

For the entrepreneur indulging in a brain vacation, BHXbrings a lot on to the table. Jay muses, " Design Thinking has always been a major component of our process in the past. However, the desire for picking up comprehensive challenges and leaving behind a sustainable impact was an addictive craving." As a matter of course , BHX Goa witnessed a change in its elements based on feedback - A long-lasting impact was envisioned, where speaking, connecting and adding value became the final goals.


" Broad challenges fizzle out and dilute the entire impact" - BHX Goa tackled around the same effortlessly. " The goal, this time, was to teach kids to be kind- with a method to the entire exercise " , continues Jay.  " Acting Kingly, founded by Greg Acuna and BHX teamed forces to execute a  process so unique and interesting. It starts with an online app and eventually integrates into tangible physical associations to perform. The intention is to leave a lasting foot-print in the long run. BHX worked on creating strategy and solutions - thus equipping entrepreneurs like Greg with insights from everyone at BHX so he can take his app forward."

Jay adds, " BHXGoa pivoted on how different people think and work on maximizing the perspectives and to induce insights into all those who are a part of BHX. Accordingly, Hack Sharing and Challenge Sharing sessions also came with a little alter. Hack sharing witnessed a modern chasm in order to work consistently together. Challenge Sharing, on the other hand, should essentially serve as a mind notification. The participants were asked to share challenges beforehand so as to add structure and relevance to the conversations."



Thanks to feedback, BHX also invited changes in pursuit of recreational activities - Equating to more cycling, more meditation, more walks by the beach! " We maximized a fair deal on exploring the places we visited. Sessioning amongst the house mates served as a brilliant rostrum for bonding. Individually taking initiative, activities like Yoga, Theatre and Vocation and even tempting dinner scenarios were executed during course of the stay- leisure designed to balance out the system "

Jay concludes ," An added effort was made to ensure that us, as facilitators expedite their experiences to crystallize their journey that help them aid others and their own selves better- to keep an insight from becoming an obvious fact. " The end product is like the coming together of social, personal and entrepreneurial circles-  a complete bargain for efficacy- an actualized individual on all fronts.

Team BHX